Electrolux Ultraflex Bagless Vacuum


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You can create a happy and healthy home with a Electrolux UltraFlex™ vacuum cleaner. The powerful suction and excellent filtration means a cleaner home for you and your family.  UltraFlex™ canister vacuum cleaners unique features and intuitive design make it the the superior choice to clean your home.

Powerful cleaning performance
UltraFlex™ models are the most powerful bagless vacuum cleaners in the Electrolux range. Powerful suction and outstanding filtration is encased in this thoughtfully designed vacuum, creating an easy to use and effective vacuum cleaner to suit your home.

Superior dust pick up
The powerful suction offered in the Electrolux UltraFlex™ range results in 33% more dust pick-up than the leading competitor.* The turbo cyclone spins air at 240km/hr to efficiently separate the dust, and the twin inlet channels optimise airflow and suction. Even dust that you can’t see won’t be left behind. *

Excellent filtration
The UltraFlex™ range of vacuum cleaners captures 99.99% of dust particles, ideal to relieve symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter enhances the dust extraction and a completely sealed filtration system prevents any dust leaks in your vacuum. Fine dust particles are captured and retained in the vacuum so that it does not recirculate into the air you breathe at home.

Easy to use
The smart UltraFlex™ design means the vacuum cleaner is very easy to glide and boasts an extra-long 12 metre cleaning reach so there is less changing power points when cleaning large areas. Adding to its intuitive design, UltraFlex™ is a very light and quiet vacuum cleaner.For extra convenience, choose between two compact parking positions and use the clip-on hose to reduce storage space and adapt to your home.