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3101 48th Ave

Vernon, BC

V1T 3R5


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MON - SAT: 9am - 5pm

Closed Holidays

  • Titan TN-650BL

Titan TN-650BL


The TN-650BL machine is our entry level Compound walking-foot (alternating presser feet + needle feed + feed dog) to help feed thick & bulky materials like upholstery, tarps, awnings, horse blankets, etc.  The TN-650BL is equipped with a large bobbin, oil bath and locking stitch length.  The large bobbin and long stitch length allows the TN-650BL to work with threads ranging from TEX 45~TEX135.  The oil bath makes sure the machine stays maintained for long life.  This machine comes complete with table, castored stand, 550W energy saving servo motor, light and has an option for needle positioning.

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