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Vernon, BC

V1T 3R5


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  • Hayden Super Vac 60

Hayden Super Vac 60


Hayden SuperVac 60 is good for small to medium sized homes. Features a permanent self-cleaning filter. Completely assembled in Canada, Hayden SuperVac 60 Central Vacuum is a hybrid unit meaning you can use it with or without bags adding more convenience.

    • MADE IN CANADA: The Hayden Super Vac central vacuums are versatile and very affordable. Enjoy cleanliness without compromise!
    • EFFICIENCY: Benefit from a greater power to clean the entire house.
    • CONVENIENCE: Plug one of our hoses in a vacuum inlet, choose the right accessory and you are ready to vacuum dirt and dust!
    • HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT: Dust, allergens and even odors are enclosed once and for all in the central vacuum.
    • QUIETNESS: Installed in a remote location, you will be able to use your central vacuum without hindering everyone in the household!
    • DURABILITY: Engineered with the best components, the Super Vac unit is strong and durable, and in addition offers a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind for many years.
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