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3101 48th Ave

Vernon, BC

V1T 3R5


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MON - SAT: 9am - 5pm

Closed Holidays

  • Elna eXtend 864 air
  • Elna eXtend 864 air

Elna eXtend 864 air


The new air threading system makes it effortless to thread your machine. Combined with the built-in needle threader, this feature saves time for seamless sewing. The 8-piece feed dog system ensures smooth and perfect feeding of all types of fabric.

    • Air-threading system
    • 2/3/4-thread overlocking
    • Built-in needle-threader
    • Adjustable differential feed
    • 5-level presser foot pressure dial
    • 8-piece feed dog system
    • Built-in 2-thread converter
    • Built-in thread cutter
    • Maximum sewing speed adjustable up to 1300 spm
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