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  • Cyclo Vac GS125

Cyclo Vac GS125


The Cyclovac GS125 central vacuum unit is compact in size, which makes it easy to install anywhere. It can be installed higher up for space saving while maintaining a minimum clearance below to be able to remove the dust canister bucket. This model is hybrid and can be used with or without bags. Suitable for small homes, condos and apartments.

    • Compact and Roomy: Due to its compact size, this model easily installs anywhere, which makes it perfect for smaller homes, condos and townhomes. Its filter bag also has a more compact design, but it still has an impressive capacity.
    • A Healthy Choice: Given its outstanding filtration system, you’re sure to benefit from a healthier environment. All our models are equipped with a Cyclofiltre™ that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies.
    • Quiet: This central vacuum is amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, so you can clean at any time, without disturbing the entire household.
    • Warranty: 10 year warranty.
    • This attachment kit for Retraflex retractable hose system includes a white inlet door with contoured design that suits any décor, a Retraflex hose, a hose cover that helps it glide through the system and prevents scratches (optional), a wireless handle (receiver included), a telescopic wand, a tool caddy and a Super Luxe brush kit including a 12” floor brush, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and a crevice tool.
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