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Cyclo UV Portable UVC Air Purifier - PUV310C/PUB310A


3 Steps of filtration including a HEPA H13 High performance filter

The UVC model represents the latest in UV air purification. Once installed in the return air vent or ductwork of ventilation and AC systems, the unit destroys airborne organic and chemical contaminants and uniformly cleans the air throughout the home.

Function principle of the air purifier: Domestic dust, animal hair, smells, pollen, harmful gases and various bacteria and viruses are filtered and cleaned out of the air using a triple-layerfilter system and the UVC light.

  • With Tuya Smart App

    Convienent control and monitoring of ambient air both at home and on the go via the Tuya Smart app.

    UVC Light

    Additional air cleaning using a ultraviolet light (netralizes virus and bacteria)

    Night Mode

    With night mode: ultra-quiet operation and dimmable operating panel.

    PM Sensor

    PM 2.5 sensor - recognizes particles up to 2.5 μm in size.

    Clean Air Delivery Rate

    CADR 230 - for rooms† up to 1,012 ft2.

    Air Quality Indicator

    With 4 colors changing according to the current air quality.


    More than 3 millions/cc of negative ion power.

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