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3101 48th Ave

Vernon, BC

V1T 3R5


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MON - SAT: 9am - 5pm

Closed Holidays

  • Beam 375 - 650 A.W.

Beam 375 - 650 A.W.


The BEAM SC375 power unit offers a powerful clean for up to 8000 square feet along with a small diameter body for tight places. At 650 air watts it offers high-performance cleaning for your home.

    • Beam electric power brush with switch, 30′ 110/24V
    • Crushproof Hose with 3-way switch, chrome wands, standard tool set
    • 10″ wall & floor brush & hose rack.
    • Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation System: Makes BEAM one of the quietest central vacuums in the industry.
    • Utility Valve: Built-in utility inlet for garage or basement use. Conveniently vacuum out your car or clean your basement or garage by plugging a hose directly into the utility inlet on the power unit.
    • Self-Cleaning Filter: You’ll never need to clean your filter. The Gore® Self-Cleaning Filter cleans itself every time you turn your vacuum off.
    • Powerful Whole House Cleaning: 550 to 1045 air watts of power to clean 3500 to 12000 square feet. No matter what your home size there is a BEAM Serenity that will fit your cleaning needs perfectly
    • Anti-Vibration Mounting System: The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet low-maintenance operation.
    • Twist-Lock Bucket: The Twist-Lock bucket is easy to remove, empty and replace.
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