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V1T 3R5


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  • Baby Lock Zeal BL35B

Baby Lock Zeal BL35B


Even your smallest projects are made with genuine zeal, no matter what they are. The Baby Lock Zeal sewing machine is the perfect choice for DIY-ers, craft ers or even someone who just needs to mend clothing. Regardless, you’re sewing it and you’re sewing it with genuine zeal.

    • 25 STITCHES: Add your unique touch to every project with a library of stitches that sets everything apart!
    • VARIABLE STITCH LENGTH AND WIDTH: Adjust the length and width for variety or specific techniques like basting or gathering.
    • QUICK-SET, DROP-IN BOBBIN: Simply drop your bobbin in the machine, pull your threads through the slot and let your machine do the rest.
    • FREE-ARM SEWING: Want to hem pants, work on a sleeve or sew in a hard-to-reach area? No problem. Just easily remove the flatbed and use Zeal’s free arm.
    • BUILT-IN BUTTONHOLE: With the buttonhole foot, your one-step buttonhole will be automatically sized to match your button every time.
    • BUILT-IN NEEDLE THREADER: With just a few simple motions, your needle is threaded and ready to use. There’s no guesswork, no near-misses and no frustration!
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