Electrolux UltraOne®


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  •  HEPA Filter-Premium HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of dust and allergens from your home
  • Sealed System-Sealed system removes dust and ensures nothing escapes back into the air in your home
  • Automatic Cord -Rewind-Effortlessly rewinds the cord for you with the simple push of a button
  •  LED Headlight-LED Headlights help you see the dirt so you don’t leave any behind
  •  Motorized Brushroll-Thoroughly clean your carpets and area rugs with a motorized brushroll
  • @hand® Turbo Nozzle-Thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and stairs
  •  Lightweight-Easier for you to get around, get up and down stairs and carry from room to room
  •  Electronic Suction Control Button-Adjusts to the proper suction level with just one touch, to clean your delicate draperies

and upholstered furniture

  •  FingerTip Control-Cleaning your home requires less work with convenient controls at your fingertips
  •  Lifetime Belt-The Lifetime Belt reduces your maintenance costs because you never have to purchase replacements
  •  Low Profile Nozzle-The low profile nozzle reaches further under the furniture in your home
  • 7 yr Limited Warranty

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Weight 14.06 kg