Artistic Quilter SD

Call for Price


If youre a quilter with movement limitations or without the room for the quilting machine you dream of, you will fall in love with the AQ18 Sit-down model from Janome. The AQ18 Sit-downs table is smaller than normal quilting frame and even gives you the option to remain seated when working on large quilts, which will keep the strain off of your legs. Finally, you can get all the features of the Artistic Quilter Long Arm with a large frame in just a fraction of the space! Not to mention, a lot less time spent standing and slaving over your free motion quilting projects.

  • The hopping foot can be raised, opening the tension disks for pulling thread through smoothly or adding an accessory like a quilting hoop or other
    free motion aid
  •  The bobbin winder is attached, running on the same motor as the quilting machine. One less piece of equipment to maintain!
  • The Artistic Quilter SD can stitch at 2200 stitches per minute
  • The Artistic Quilter SD is suited to anyone—because it is easy to use and easy to maintain
  •  The adjustable speed combined with the graduated speed foot control allow you to find your sweet spot to get the best, most even stitches for the job
  •  Have you tried ruler work on this machine, it is so much easier than on another machine because the base is the entire table
  • The Artistic Quilter SD loves all thread. You don’t have to commit to one kind of thread during your ownership of this machine
  •  The oil reservoir has a dipstick, just like your car engine, it is easy to check and fill as needed